Sustainability and Overpopulation: Free Song Download!

Infernal Outcry is offering the song “Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse” as a free download to people who are concerned about sustainability and global human overpopulation.

Infernal Outcry’s Position Statement on Sustainability and Global Human Overpopulation

The members of Infernal Outcry are very concerned about human overpopulation and view this issue as the greatest challenge currently facing us all. Human overpopulation is the driving force behind the catastrophic problem of climate change, which not only causes the commonly discussed increase in temperatures, rising oceans, and more frequent and severe “natural” disasters; most disturbingly, it alters rainfall patterns, posing a grave threat to global food security.

Other significant environmental and resource depletion concerns that are largely caused, or at least greatly exacerbated, by global overpopulation include: ocean acidification, plastic pollution, species extinction, soil erosion, the pollution of waterways as a result of agricultural runoff, overfishing, coral bleaching, deforestation, overgrazing, the depletion of aquifers, salinisation, the spread of plant diseases due to globalisation, peak oil, and peak phosphorous.

The lyrics to our song “Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse” were inspired by the book Requiem for a Species by Clive Hamilton. The main lyrical theme in this song is the lack of sustainability of human societies generally, in which overpopulation is always the biggest key factor.

The shift in western society’s philosophy several hundred years ago from a paradigm of superstition to one of scientific disconnection from the natural world has had disastrous environmental consequences. Plundering of resources became the focus, and consequently there was a lack of respect for the natural ecosystem. These problems are highlighted in these lyrics taken from the first verse:

They can’t see a whole greater than the sum of its parts
Learning more, but knowing less
Knowing too much but never enough
Each answer brings more questions
Creating more problems than solving
Theory overshadows reality
Worshipping a false prophet
The human empire ransacking
An invasive species conquering nature

The second verse addresses the culture of consumerism and its overconsumption of resources, which again, is strongly linked to overpopulation.

Following indulgent shepherds
To insalubrious extravagance
Don’t pay now; but pay more later on
Babel towers much too high
A catch up game; but time waits for no man
To shoot oneself in the foot
A virus too potent kills its host

The third and final verse serves as a dire warning to humanity, depicting an apocalyptic scene, including references to The Book of Revelations.

Noxious emissions
Morbid polymer plasticisers
Choking toxic fumes
The party’s over; the end of an era
Flood and pestilence
The Great Death all over again
With a pesky swarm in lieu of lava
Second, Third, and Fourth Bowls are poured
Drought and utterly burned with fire
The globe becomes a furnace
Merchants cry as they see the smoke of Her burning
Their vision blurred by detail
Now they can’t see the forest nor any trees
They shall be cast into the sea: shall sink and shall not rise
Choking plastic oceans; Lakes of Fire
Rapture is come
Humanity is just a blip
A boom bust cycle

Infernal Outcry is offering this song as a free download to anyone concerned about sustainability and overpopulation in exchange for each downloader’s email address. To take advantage of this offer, please add “Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse” to your shopping basket on this website and apply the code SUSTAIN when checking out.

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