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© Lyrics: Liana Eriksen © Music: Daniel Hill


Collapse & Transformation: I. Collapse


Down a rabbit hole

Curiosity opens a can of worms

Playing God, the watchmakers wind

Pandora’s bequest lives on

False creators discover dissection

Ripping wings off butterflies

Virgins just ripe for raiding

Torture justified by greater purpose

Disconnected impositions

Intellect beyond the point of no return

Mindless formulaic calculations

They can’t see a whole greater than the sum of its parts

Learning more, but knowing less

Knowing too much but never enough

Each answer brings more questions

Creating more problems than solving

Theory overshadows reality

Worshipping a false prophet

The human empire ransacking

An invasive species conquering nature


A sea of brain dead zombies consume

Shallow mass media drivel

A new Manifest Destiny rising

Following indulgent shepherds

To insalubrious extravagance

Don’t pay now; but pay more later on

Babel towers much too high

A catch up game; but time waits for no man


To shoot oneself in the foot

A virus too potent kills its host

No one hears Cassandra’s screams

Surpassed tipping points

The tragedy of the commons

Approaching maximum entropy

Counting down to our extinction


Noxious emissions

Morbid polymer plasticisers

Choking toxic fumes

The party’s over; the end of an era

Flood and pestilence

The Great Death all over again

With a pesky swarm in lieu of lava

Second, Third, and Fourth Bowls are poured

Drought and utterly burned with fire

The globe becomes a furnace

Merchants cry as they see the smoke of Her burning

Their vision blurred by detail

Now they can’t see the forest nor any trees

They shall be cast into the sea: shall sink and shall not rise

Choking plastic oceans; Lakes of Fire

Rapture is come

Humanity is just a blip

A boom bust cycle

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